Kubed Responsible Modern Modular Living

Kubed Living is an innovative full service design and project coordination company specializing in shipping container structures. Our focus is great design, meticulous coordination and personalized service, through all project phases. 

We understand the unique challenges of shipping container design and construction 





We offer an alternative to the conventional: modern, contemporary and modular.  Our design solutions are within reach, support responsible living, and promote modern and graceful aesthetics. We strive to redefine the functionality and the experience of space through thoughtful design, original ideas and creative solutions.  





The process begins with Design  which includes a feasibility study, conceptualization, design and construction documents. This is the part where your vision comes alive!

All Kubed Living structures are Engineered so as to not only provide safety but also efficiency, cost management and waste reduction. This second phase of the process enables us to accurately forecast project costs. The third stage of the process is Permitting;  the structural portion occurs inside the factory with third party inspectors, while the permitting of all site-related components take place at local level. Once building permits in hand, we begin the Manufacturing process. This is where the shipping containers are modified into modular habitable structures with framing, insulation, electrical, plumbing, drywall and more. One of the most compelling arguments for in-factory construction is that fact that all Site Work can be done in parallel to the manufacturing process. While the home is being built in factory, the site is being developed, graded, utilities are tied in and the foundation is being installed. Once out of the manufacturing process, the newly built modules are Delivered and Installed on the foundation and all services are tied in. The final stage are the On-Site Finishes, which depend on client preferences and local regulations. 






Traditionally, building your own custom home was something available only to the affluent. Kubed Living's now brings this opportunity to a much broader audience, through efficient design, lower pre-construction costs, value-engineering and cost-saving manufacturing techniques. 

Our success is also based on the personalized value we bring to each and every one of our client partnerships; where each benefits from a clear understanding of the project possibilities, process, and stages. We enjoy building close relationships with our clients so that we can better understand, interpret and transform  their vision into modern, innovative and environmentally sensitive Kubed Living structures.





If designing is NOT your thing or not in your budget, our pre-designed structures,  may be the right way to go!  From our studio to our three bedroom, these homes have been carefully conceived for maximum efficiency, functionality and beauty.


On the other hand, if you are strive for custom container living and you prefer to take an active role in the design and modeling of your home or structure , then our custom design services may be just the thing for you!


Our project coordination services are available  to support our clients throughout the entire process- from design to move in.  We also have available an "a la carte menu" so that you may choose only those services you require.

From container homes to small apartment buildings, and commercial structures, to innovative and cool backyard spaces such as pool houses, home gyms, home offices, ADUs, guest cottages and more- we do it all. 

Come join us on a tour of our website so that you can discover what Kubed responsible, modern, modular Living is all about.

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