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Backyard Structures

We offer pre-designed and custom solutions.

Enhance your quality of life, increase your property value and make the most of your outdoor space with innovative and fun structures that are at the same time functional and comfortable and are sure to turn your backyard into something special! From offices, gyms, accessory dwelling units, entertainment lounges, to pools and poolhouses, Kubed Living has designed a variety of awesome spaces! Check them out!

  The Lounge


Looking to renew your backyard experience? Look no further. Kubed Lounge offers a compact and innovative setting in which to entertain friends, family or simply relax by yourself. Covered seating, dining and cooking are all made possible in this 160 square foot structure.  

with sofa blue_4 - Photo.jpg
rev_1 - Photo (1).jpg
rev_3 - Photo.jpg

Starting From: $50,000

Included in Base Price

Steel Framing

Attached Bench

High Quality Upholstered Cushions

 Wood-Composite Ceiling

Wood Composite Flooring

Wood Table with Pedestal Legs


Openings for Water and Gas

Excluded from Base Price

Construction documents, Engineering






Outdoor Kitchen Unit

Plumbing and Gas Connections

 Rooftop deck

Full service installation available

  The WorkKube

Do you need your own dedicated office space away from the main house?

Kubed Living introduces the perfect solution!  A functional and elegant space with high ceilings and tons of natural light. We offer larger office solutions under our custom-design services. 

Follows California Building Code. 

Building permit may not be necessary due to size


Two sizes available:


Model A - 102 square feet: 8' W x 12'L x 9 H                                       Starts From: $32,500.00

Model B - 119 square feet: 8' W x 15'L x 9 H                                       Starts From: $40,500.00 


Price does not include deck, delivery, installation and permits

Included in the base model

Door and Window Package

Smooth Drywall Finish

Laminate Wood Flooring 

Brushed Nickel Flush Mount LED Interior Lights

Two Exterior Wall Sconces

Five Wall Outlets some with USB

 One Exterior Outlet

Membrane Roof

Rain Gutters

Possible Upgrades

Wood Flooring

Opening for HVAC

Upgraded Window and Door Package


Roof and Overhang

  Home Gyms

Do you miss working out in a real gym setting?

Kubed Living introduces a series of elegant and convenient private gyms that fit right in your backyard!  Let us design the size and shape that works best for your workouts and backyard. Depicted below is a 20' x 8' gym.


Starting From: $40,000

Excludes Equipment

(1) 20' HC Container 

160 SF

All our Gyms include the following

7' Black sliding glass door

Smooth Drywall Finish

Black Rubber Gym Matting

One Mini-Split unit

Brushed Nickel Flush Mount LED Interior Lights

Two Exterior Wall Sconces

Four Wall Outlets, Two Floor Outlets, One TV Outlet, One Exterior Outlet

Custom Interior and Exterior Paint Color

Price does not include roof top deck, delivery, installation and permits

Accessory Dwelling Units

Are you looking to make some additional income or simply need an extra room for guests or extended family ?

Check-out our pre-designed studios.

(more ideas available under predesigned structures )


grey roof 1.jpg
grey roof back.jpg

Select windows on the back wall

pool house open.jpg

Or a 12' -three panel slider for a more open experience

No bed_12 - Photo (1).jpg

Starting From: $118,000

Excludes Interior finishes

No bed_11 - Photo (2).jpg
With Bed_13 - Photo.jpg

12' x 24' x 10' steel frame modules 

288 SF


1_2 - Photo (2).jpg
1_12 - Photo.jpg

Starting From: $110,000

Excludes Interior finishes

1_13 - Photo.jpg
1_14 - Photo (1).jpg

10' x 24' x 10' steel frame modules 

240 SF


with deck.jpg

Starting From: $85,000

RV version also available


(1) 20' HC Container 

160 SF

What would you like us to design for you?

The possibilities are endless

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