Designed to be efficientfunctional and innovative, our commercial structures provide 

a straightforward,  artful, hipster-chic alternative to traditional commercial construction.

The WorkKube

Experts believe that the work from home trend is here to stay.  But what happens if you do not have a dedicated space to hold private conferences, client meetings, interviews, workshops etc?

  Kubed Living introduces the WorkKubes available for purchase or daily rental at select locations. The WorkKubes are beautifully appointed, measure 100 square feet and are equipped with a desk, sofa and extra chairs.

Kubed Work Lounge

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Starting at $25,000.00

An innovative outdoor work environment where employees can work, relax, eat, brainstorm and where in-person meetings can occur safely with team-members, clients, customers and vendors.  

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Restaurants and Cafes

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Suitable for different weather conditions, this covered space creates a pleasant and collaborative work environment. Functional and efficient, the Biz Lounge comes with a charging desk and coffee table, multiple outlets along the plush seating area and a built-in section for drink and snack service with room and connections - ready to welcome a minifridge.


Not only will an outdoor office area bring you new opportunities to make your company more sustainable; it will also provide your employees with numerous benefits. An outdoor space can help  relieve stress, boost job satisfaction, happiness and well-being and help  attract talented workers.


  • 20' modified shipping container 

  • Dimensions: 20'L x 8'W x 8'H

  • Exterior paint choices: deep metallic chocolate or  dark grey

  • 4'' metal slats

  • Wood composite decking material on floor and ceiling

  • Built-in bench with luxurious 4'' upholstery choice of 3 colors

  • Built-in coffee table with outlets and charging station

  • Built-in black aluminum  2' x 6'  work table with outlets and charging station

  • Built-in food service station for coffee and snacks with storage ready for a mini-fridge.

  • Built-in conduits ready for on-site wiring

  • Interior and exterior USB outlets

  • Four flush mount exterior lights

  • Customizable to client's specs


Restaurants and Cafes

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Lodging and Resorts

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Fitness Centers

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In Person Visit by Appointment Only

Booking to be done only by Email, not by Calendar 




Corporate Office: 4935 Varna Ave

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Design Office: Westfield Fashion Mall

Sherman Oaks, In front of Bloomindale's






Please understand that we are unable to give quotes over email without gathering additional information on your project. The structures we design are not products. They are modular structures  that follow local building regulations and requirements which vary from state to state. Furthermore, because we work all over the country, there are many factors that affect price: labor markets, site characteristics, local regulations, choice of materials and finishes and much more. We would be happy to understand the specifics of your project.

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