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Is Professional Landscaping Worth the Cost?

Not only will professional landscaping enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, it can also increase its value and functionality.

Learn how to determine whether the investment in professional landscaping is worth it for your specific property

The value of professional landscaping cannot be understated. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, it can also increase its value and functionality. A well-landscaped yard can serve as an extension of the home, help hide property defects, and provide a space for outdoor entertainment, relaxation, and recreation.

How to determine if professional landscaping is worth the investment

Assess the current state of the property

Is the yard overgrown, unkempt, or lacking in curb appeal? If so, professional landscaping can make a significant difference in the appearance of the property.

Landscaping can also address any functional issues, such as drainage problems, cracked driveways, or a lack of privacy. Landscaping can be used to distract the eye from imperfections or problem areas, such as a foundation that is in need of repair or a wall that is in disrepair.

For example, a property with a cracked or uneven driveway can be camouflaged with the use of strategic plantings, such as trees or shrubs. Similarly, a property with a small yard can be visually expanded with the use of mirrors or optical illusions, such as painting the fence the same color as the sky to create the illusion of a larger space.

Consider the property’s location and surroundings

Is the property located in a neighborhood with high property values, where a well-landscaped yard could help it stand out from the competition? Or is it located in a more rural area where landscaping may not be as important to potential buyers or renters?