Predesigned Structures

Designed as primary homes, ADUs, or rental/investment properties, our predesigned structures reflect our commitment to quality of life, space optimization, rigorous attention to detail and passion for aesthetics.

These predesigned structures were created to show the design possibilities, however all designs need to be site specific and therefore pricing will vary. 

Front Perspecctive.jpg
Exterior 1.jpg
Front-Right Perspective.jpg
ext_5 - Photo (1).jpg

The pricing of the following designs vary per market. There are many factors that affect pricing: labor, fabrication costs, manufacturing methods, characteristics of the land, and local regulations.  This is why we are unable to provide pricing for a particular design without information related to the above.  


Meet our NEW  K160! 

Perfect for a backyard ADU, glamping cabin and much more!

Since its first introduction into the market place two years ago, the K160 has been fully re-designed for comfort, efficiency and luxury!

We have substituted the original kitchen for  a custom designed 7' kitchen which includes full fridge, dishwasher and a pull-out dining table. 

We have also added a convertible living/sleeping area with a tuck away ceiling bed.  Send the bed to the ceiling and enjoy a spacious living room during the day. 


Permitted for permanent foundation or RV


Prices vary per markets

(1) 20' HC Container 

0 Bed / 1 Bath - Studio

160 SF


K320 L

Need a little more space?  Meet our very cool K320 L.

A perfect solution for an ADU, Airbnb rental, or a second home. 

This particular model offers an open floor plan with a full kitchen, eating bar, and generous size living area, bathroom with stack-able washer and dryer, a bedroom with closet. 

Living Room Perspective 320-01.jpg
Bedroom Perspective 320-01.jpg

Pricing varies per markets

(1) 40' HC Container

1 Bed / 1 Bath

320 SF


Perfect entry-level home that has it all! Efficient, yet sophisticated.

Exterior 2.jpg
Exterior 3.jpg
Interior 2.jpg

Pricing varies per market

Interior 3.jpg

(1) 40' HC Container

(1) 20'HC Container 

2 Bed / 1 Bath

480 SF



An efficient yet sophisticated little two bedroom and two bath shipping container home that has it all 

Bedroom Perspective.jpg
Lounge Perspective.jpg

Pricing varies per market

WMKitchen Perspective-01.jpg

(2) 40' HC Containers 

2 Bed / 2 Bath

640 SF


K800 Flex Series

Created by customer demand, our K800 Series is designed to augment the  living space of the K640 in an affordable and flexible manner. You can now  increase the size of the master bedroom, living room, or even add a third bedroom by using adding a 20' container.

K800 LR

Need more space to hang out?

The K800-LR increases the living room by 120 square feet and allows for an elegant covered entryway. 

K800 Flex D (4).png
Living Room Perspective B.jpg
Living Room Perspective A.jpg
Kitchen Perspective.jpg

Pricing varies per market

(2) 40' HC Containers 

(1) 20' HC Containers

2 Bed / 2 Bath

800 SF

K800 MB

The K800-MB is all about luxury!

We have increased the master suite by 120 square feet, added a walk-in closet and provided an indoor or outdoor sitting area or office

Bedroom Perspective.jpg
Lounge Perspective.jpg
Kitchen Perspective.jpg
Front-Right Perspective.jpg
Patio Perspective B.jpg
Rear-Right Perspective.jpg
MB Perspective A.jpg
WMMB Office Perspective-01.jpg
Bathroom Perspective.jpg

Pricing varies per market

(2) 40' HC Containers

(1) 20' HC Container 

2 Bed / 2 Bath

800 SF

K800 3B

Have a larger family and are on a tight budget?

The K800-3B allows for an ample third bedroom measuring 120 square feet and an elegant covered entryway

K800 Flex E (4).png
Perspective A.jpg
Living Room Perspective B.jpg
Interior B.jpg
Front Perspective.jpg
Perspective C.jpg
Perspective B.jpg

Pricing varies per market

(2) 40' HC Containers

(1) 20' HC Container 

2 Bed / 2 Bath

800 SF


The K960 offers it all:

A large master suite with walk-in closet, indoor/outdoor sitting area, an elegant covered entryway, an enlarged living room and a third bedroom. 

ext_6 - Photo.jpg
new lounge with sofa.jpg
new colors_5 - Photo.jpg
new_2 - Photo (1).jpg
new_6 - Photo.jpg
new_9 - Photo (1).jpg
new colors_6 - Photo.jpg
new colors_9 - Photo.jpg

Pricing varies per market

(3) 40' HC Containers

3 Bed / 2 Bath

960 SF


In Person Visit by Appointment Only

Booking to be done only by Email, not by Calendar 




Corporate Office: 4935 Varna Ave

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Design Office: Westfield Fashion Mall

Sherman Oaks, In front of Bloomindale's






Please understand that we are unable to give quotes over email without gathering additional information on your project. The structures we design are not products. They are modular structures  that follow local building regulations and requirements which vary from state to state. Furthermore, because we work all over the country, there are many factors that affect price: labor markets, site characteristics, local regulations, choice of materials and finishes and much more. We would be happy to understand the specifics of your project.

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