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Gu Tingyun did not expect her to say so, a meal, then whispered: "Little fool, what is the heartache." With a gentle smile on his face, he gathered her hair and whispered, "It's all over. Besides, I was very happy to be adopted by my adoptive father and join Hongmen." He looked up and said, "Godfather, why didn't you tell me before you came here? Are you tired of waiting so long for no reason?" He was very kind, and this kind of strength made Gu Laoda express that it was a long story. He Not mad? Talking about his embarrassing past, he didn't get mad? Has this little girl learned to train tigers? So easy to give Gu Tingyun Shun Mao'er? He looked at Gu Tingyun and said, "You.." I don't know how to say it. Gu Tingyun smiled and said, "What's the matter?" Then he added, "Haven't you eaten yet?" Boss Gu nodded. He doesn't eat. What are you doing here? "Yes, I'm hungry until now." Gu Tingyun shook his head helplessly and then said, "Would you like to go together?"? I made dinner for my foster father. Tang Jiao immediately looked up and said with a smile, "I didn't have dinner either." It's so flattering. Gu Tingyun rubbed her head like a little girl and said,bottle blowing machine, "Go.". You go over and talk about my messy past, and I'll cook for you. Tang Jiao picked her fingers and whispered, "We're not speaking ill of you. We just want to know more about you.". Uncle also cares about you and hopes that I can be with you well before he tells me everything about you. Her statement really let Gu boss see that women can't be trusted. He looked at the sky with a sense of loss. It's just that he thought he would be calm enough to understand that the little girl was lying. I believe it! He actually believed it. Gu Tingyun said softly, "I know you care about me." He lowered his head, looked at Tang Jiao, and then raised his lips slightly. "Do you want to eat strawberry yams?"? I have recently seen the new varieties introduced by several Western restaurants in Shanghai. I have studied them,water filling machine, and it is not difficult. Do it for you? Tang Jiao immediately nodded, her face full of joy. Girls always like sweets, Tang Jiao is no exception, she took Gu Tingyun, said: "want to want." Gu Tingyun showed a smile. This kind of Gu Tingyun is very rare, perhaps in Tang Jiao here is very common, but in Gu eldest brother there is not. He really thought that what he saw was not the Gu Tingyun he knew. But Gu Tingyun, who was disguised with the same appearance. He originally thought that Tang Jiao liked Tingyun, but now it seems that the little girl clearly pinched him in her hands. By the time Gu Tingyun had made a table of dishes, he had not yet woken up from the shock. Somehow, he always felt that all this was so ***ing fantastic! Like a dream! "Godfather, let's eat." Boss Gu finally broke free from the confusion. He was in a daze for an hour! He looked at Gu Tingyun with difficulty, plastic bottle making machine ,CSD filling line, and then looked at Tang Jiao, this table of dishes, there is a lot of meat, he is to eat or not to eat? Tang Jiao said politely, "Uncle, the drumstick is on my side. If you can't reach it, I'll clip it for you." Boss Gu:.. I believe in Buddhism. Shouldn't I be a vegetarian? Tang Jiao was very calm and said casually, "Wine and meat go through the intestines, and the Buddha stays in his heart.". If you are a vegetarian, the nutrition is not balanced. You are old, so it doesn't matter if you can eat some meat. She bet that Gu was definitely not a vegetarian. If he was really a vegetarian, how could he be so tall? If you don't order meat and fish all day, you will definitely lose weight, so she doesn't believe it. Gu eldest brother is said by her like this, inexplicably unexpectedly thought is very reasonable. He nodded. "It's reasonable." Why didn't you meet this little girl earlier! What she said is so reasonable! Immediately: "Then you give me the drumstick clip in front of you." See Gu eldest brother and Tang Jiao get along with a group of harmony, Gu Tingyun is happy in the heart, he hopes that the people he cares about can like each other, not hate each other. Three people eat together. Tang Jiao could not stop: "I made an appointment with the staff of the newspaper office tomorrow, and planned to hold a staff meeting.". You say, I want to wear a little more solemn! Or just wear the school uniform? I have a class in the morning. Gu Tingyun does not feel anything, what to wear is not important at all. He believed that Tang Jiao could handle it very well. "Actually, it doesn't matter," he said. It's not what you wear, it's what you do. Tang Jiao thought, nodded and said, "That makes sense." Gu looked at Tang Jiao and said, "Why did you buy a newspaper?"? I hear that doesn't make money. Tang Jiao raised her eyebrows and smiled firmly: "Just because others don't make money doesn't mean I don't make money either!"! I believe in my own strength. Very confident. Gu eldest brother took a look at Gu Tingyun, a little do not understand his taste. However, seeing that Gu Tingyun was very sure that Tang Jiao could get it done, he could not stand it again. Why didn't you know that Tingyun was such a person! His weakness turned out to be women. Oh, no, it's a little girl. Boss Gu sighed faintly. Tang Jiao looked up and asked doubtfully, "What's wrong?"? Isn't it delicious? The seventh master cooks very delicious food. Gu eldest brother looked at her sincere appearance and was speechless for a moment. He suddenly found that Tang Jiao had been saying that Gu Tingyun was good, never stopped, always praising. And Ting Yun also very trust Tang Jiao, he seems to be firmly that Tang Jiao is a capable girl. In this way, he suddenly had a strange feeling. Maybe this is.. Love? They each trust each other blindly and unconditionally? Gu eldest brother in the end is some age some experience, for a time is some feeling, the heart is also happy for Gu Tingyun. It's not easy to have a person who treats each other sincerely. If someone is looking for trouble in your business,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, you can go to Tingyun. Let's smash their place and beat their people. Gu Lao Daodao. Tang Jiao's eyes lit up and she said, "Is that all right?"? Oh, I think this is very handsome! 。


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