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chandna rani
Apr 02, 2022
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The starting point of this theme is in the process of differentiation between "home" and "work", that is, the separation between the processes of social production integrated into the capitalist market through the division of labor, and the processes linked to mobile phone number list consumption and reproduction carried out in the domestic sphere, in the private world and in the intimacy of the family. In Marxist theory, the focus on the modes mobile phone number list of production involved looking at the relationships between the production of goods and the means of subsistence. The other side of the equation, the production of human beings who through their work will participate in the production processes, was much less developed from a theoretical point of view. Much was said about "modes of production," but almost mobile phone number list nothing about "modes of reproduction." The contribution of the Marxist feminist debate and, specifically, the work of Larguía and Dumoulin, answers this question. How are human beings produced, that "commodity" that is the labor force in capitalism? How does reproduction operate within the capitalist economy? Reproductive activities are carried out in homes. In capitalism, the family does not have an economic function. It is not a social class. It remains alive as mobile phone number list an ethical, ideological and legal form, but also as a field of production and reproduction of the labor force. The labor used for the production of this "good" is above all the labor of women. It is not paid and its true producers, the women, cannot market it.
chandna rani
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