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Qi Yue said with a smile, "Our little baby feels so sensitive!"! All right, let's go and have a look. "Good," said the Snow Girl! I'll lead the way. As she spoke, she gently pressed her palms on Qi Yue's shoulders and floated up. The wind was produced for her. Wrapped in the faint blue light, the snow girl flew effortlessly. Qi Yue looked at Wen Ting with some helplessness and said, "I'm depending on you." Wen Ting Hei Hei smiled, she did not have the ability to fly, floated to Qi Yue's side, bent down, Qi Yue Hei Hei smiled, also not polite, directly fell on Wen Ting's back. Faint fragrance into the nose, Qi Yue can not help but take a deep breath, whispered: "Tingting, you see, how good it feels to have a daughter!"! Why don't we have one later when we're free? "You are shameless! Who is your wife?" Wen Tingjiao snorted, jumped up, feet on the ground, like an arrow jumped out, after all, she also has thousands of years of cultivation, although under the limitation of the beast's living relic, the ability is not very strong,Inflatable indoor park, but as the offspring of the ancient fierce beast and the ancient God beast, this road is not difficult for her, the faint Hokage appeared around Wen Ting's body, under the exclusion of fire energy to the air flow. She carried Qi Yue on her back, forming a red shadow, and jumped down from the mountain road ahead. Chasing the snow girl in the sky towards the destination. Snow girl flying in the air is very relaxed, from time to time to make a graceful movement, obviously very happy, only occasionally look at the fire energy emitted by Wen Ting below,Inflatable outdoor park, the smile on her face will change a little. More than ten kilometers of journey, whether for the snow girl who can fly or for Wen Ting, is nothing, after a while, they have arrived at the destination of the mountain. Qi Yue waved to the snow girl in the air. The snow girl floated down and threw herself directly into Qi Yue's arms. Qi Yue asked Wen Ting, "How is it going?"? Can you feel it now? Wen Ting shook her head helplessly and said, "No, if there are really fierce beasts or mythical beasts here, then the spirit of the snow girl is much stronger than we imagined." "I don't care," said Qi Yue. "Snow Girl will lead the way. Let's go and have a look. But you two must not be far away from me. You can take care of anything." With the experience of Qi and the golden-winged ROC eagle last time, Qi Yue is now particularly careful when things happen. Three people slowly climb the mountain, the snow girl walks in the front, Qi Yue is in the middle, Wen Ting follows behind Qi Yue. Although he lost his energy, Qi Yue was still in good health after training in the Taklimakan Desert, and it was not difficult for him to climb the mountain. As the snow girl walked, Inflatable meltdown ,inflatable amusement park, her dark blue eyes showed a serious light, and she moved forward almost without hesitation, in a straight line around the other side of the mountain. Qi Yue asked Wen Ting several times, but Wen Ting still did not find the existence of any energy breath. When the three of them made a detour from the dense mountain forest to the other side, the snow girl suddenly stopped and pointed to the direction of the top of the mountain, saying, "Mom and Dad, they are over there. It seems that there are two energies. One is what I felt before, and the other is very similar to what I felt before. I just distinguished them at the foot of the mountain. They are two different energies." Qi Yue looked in the direction pointed by the snow girl, the mountain wall above was completely upright, there was no road at all, and on the edge of the cliff near the top of the mountain, there was a strong tree stretching out from the cliff, and the snow girl pointed to that tree. "Are you sure, baby daughter?" Asked Qi Yue. "Of course I'm sure, Dad," said the Snow Girl. "Why don't I go up and have a look first?" Qi Yue thought for a moment and said, "Let's go up together. I don't trust you alone." As he spoke, he nodded to Wen Ting beside him. Wen Ting said to the Snow Girl with a smile, "Don't be afraid. Mom needs a little fire energy." Even she herself could not remember when she had fully accepted the role of mother. Qi Yue motioned to the snow girl to retreat a little, Wen Ting's fiery red light gradually became strong, the hot air flow let the snow girl's pretty face reveal a ray of pain, the first to float up, to wait in the air. Qi Yue restrained his mind and adjusted his veins to the best condition according to his familiar feeling with Wen Ting. His mental strength completely felt the fire energy emitted by Wen Ting. In a flash of light and shadow, Wen Ting had floated to his side. At the moment when Wen Ting turned into a flame light group, Qi Yue started the unicorn beads with the energy he received, and collected his clothes and Wen Ting's clothes. The surging energy suddenly burst out, the fiery red arm appeared again, the black and silver light around Qi Yue's body slightly rotated a circle, the light flashed, the black unicorn armor oil came out, because there was a pair of golden wings behind it, wearing the unicorn hidden was more obstructive, so this time Qi Yue did not call out his own unicorn hidden from the unicorn beads. After these days of practice, he and Wen Ting have the same mind, and no longer need Kirin Yin to guide the energy. Golden wings lightly clap, strong flying ability just a moment to send Qi Yue to the side of the snow girl. Feeling Qi Yue's powerful energy fluctuations, the snow girl first showed a trace of fear, but when she saw Qi Yue's appearance clearly, the fear disappeared naturally, and pointed to the tree: "Dad, that's it." After combining with Wen Ting, Qi Yue already had the energy of the five clouds of the Kirin, and his mental strength spread rapidly, forming a big net that enveloped the snow girl in the direction she said. As soon as his mental fluctuations spread to the vicinity, he immediately felt the energy that the snow girl said. There are indeed two energies, but the difference is that these two energies do not seem to come from fierce beasts or Warcraft. The energy is very pure, and in a slight fluctuation, one of the energy is relatively more pure, and the other energy in Qi Yue's mental exploration, produced a rapid fluctuation. Come on, let's go and have a look. With the huge energy of the Kirin as the backing, Qi Yue did not worry about what he would encounter,Inflatable mechanical bull, his body flashed, and the golden wings behind him converged, and he had come to the big tree that reached out of the cliff.


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