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8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Home

Are you looking to make your home look more expensive, but on a budget?

One of the most important things to consider is maximizing your return on investment (ROI). This means choosing home improvement projects that will not only improve your home’s appearance, but also add value to your property.

In this article, we’ll go through 8 budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home with a high ROI.

8 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

  1. Declutter

  2. Add statement pieces

  3. Paint your walls

  4. Invest in quality lighting

  5. Hang curtains and blinds

  6. Add plants and flowers

  7. Use mirrors to create an illusion of space

  8. Add texture to your home decor.


Decluttering is the first step to making your home look more expensive. Getting rid of unnecessary items, such as old magazines and knick-knacks, will make your space look cleaner and more organized. This simple task not only enhances the appearance of your home, but also helps to maintain a tidy and functional living space, which is important when it comes to adding value to your property.

Add statement pieces

Adding statement pieces, such as an artwork or a statement rug, can make a big impact in a room. Choose pieces that reflect your personal style and incorporate them into your decor. Statement pieces not only add character to a room, but also increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, which can positively impact its value.

Paint your walls

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in a room. Neutral colors, such as white and beige, make a space look larger and more expensive, while also offering a high ROI. This is because neutral colors are timeless and appeal to a wide range of people, making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

 Invest in quality lighting

Quality lighting, such as dimmer switches and statement light fixtures, can make a room look more luxurious and add value to your home. Consider investing in lighting for different areas of your home, such as task lighting for the kitchen and ambient lighting for the living room. A well lit home not only looks more expensive, but it also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hang curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds are an important aspect of any room as they not only provide privacy and light control, but they also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of a space. Invest in quality curtains and blinds that complement your decor and make a statement in your home. This small investment can offer a high ROI as it can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home.

Add plants and flowers

Adding plants and flowers to a room can bring life and color to any space. Not only do they improve air quality, but they also create a welcoming atmosphere and make a home feel more expensive. Choose low maintenance plants and incorporate them into your decor for an easy and budget-friendly way to upgrade your home.

 Use mirrors to create an illusion of space

Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of space and make a room look larger. They reflect light and create a sense of depth in a space, making it look more expensive. Consider adding a large statement mirror to your living room or bedroom to instantly upgrade the appearance of your home.

Add texture to your home decor

Experimenting with different textures, such as velvet, suede, and knit, can add depth and interest to your space. Adding texture to your home decor can make a room feel more expensive and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider incorporating textured throw pillows, blankets, and curtains to your decor for a budget-friendly upgrade.


Making your home look more expensive doesn’t have to be a costly affair. With these 8 simple and budget-friendly tips, you can upgrade your home’s appearance and make it look like a million bucks, all while maximizing your ROI. So go ahead, declutter, add statement pieces, and paint your walls to create a luxurious home on a budget.

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