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Multi-Family Structures

From intimate duplexes and triplexes to larger communities including apartment complexes, student housing, co-living projects, retirement facilities and more......

Contact us today and let us talk about your vision!

Sample Projects

Some projects are designed and built with shipping containers while others are designed with steel frame modules

The Laureate

Steel Frame Modules


Duplex or Quadruplex made simple. 

Made out of three 12' x 60' modules on each floor, this duplex or quadruplex boasts identical 3 bed - 2 bath units -two on each floor. The center module is the functional module which houses the plumbing and the mechanical systems.

Change the exterior and you have a completely different structure.

This an example of great design, where efficiency, innovation, aesthetics, and cost savings come together to deliver a very "au courrant" build.

Screenshot (27).png
inside the duplex.png

The Community

master for duplex.png
bathroom for duplex.png

Shipping Containers

Front elevation with chair.2jpg.jpg

Identical one bedroom apartments stacked and replicated side by side. Community space is conceived between each building. This is an example of efficient and creative design,  that comes together to deliver an urban build with an edgy feel.

Back elevation.jpg
Front angled elevation with chair.jpg (1
Living (1).jpg
Outdoor Sitting.jpg
Interior long.jpg

The Get-Away

Steel Frame or Shipping Containers

1_6 - Photo.jpg

Luxurious one bedroom townhomes stacked and replicated side by side. Each unit is 640 square feet and has a private terrace/patio in addition to a rooftop deck.This is an example of great design, where shipping containers are transformed into elegant and sumptuous living spaces. 

1_6 - Photo (1).jpg
2_2 - Photo.jpg
1_3 - Photo (1).jpg
2_1 - Photo.jpg

The Village

Steel Frame Modules


Twenty and forty foot long modules stacked in various configurations to create one and two bedroom apartments with lots of indoor-outdoor living spaces. 

int_2 - Photo.jpg
Living Room Perspective A.jpg
Patio Perspective A.jpg
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